Professional Property Inventories in Darlington, the north east and Yorkshire

The importance of having a professionally prepared inventory report cannot be understated and is considered to be best practice when when letting a property. A property inventory is a legally binding document that provides an accurate in-depth review of the conditions and contents of a property at the start of a tenancy. At the end of a tenancy a detailed inventory will help speed up negotiations regarding deposits, and makes the process easier.

 A professional prepared property inventory will ensure tenants realise the landlord values their property and takes offences against it seriously. This should go towards encouraging them to take greater care of their accommodation.

Full Inventory

Using the latest iOS-based Imfuna Let software we record multiple types of detail about a property’s contents and its condition with evidential photographs embedded. We produce high-quality, branded, or white-label PDF property reports that can be shared online, and this forms the basis for future inspection and check out reports. 

Mid-Term Inspection

Again using Imfuna Let software, and utilising the original Imfuna inventory report if appropriate, we produce quality mid term inspection reports highlighting differences in contents and condition from the start of the tenancy or previous inspection.  This report again has photgraphs embedded to give the landlord or agent an overview of condition. 

Check out

A landlord must be able to prove that damage or loss has been suffered during the tenancy when claiming a fee from a tenant's deposit. Using the original inventory and Imfuna Let software, we provide a full review of the property and its condition at exit including photographic and textual reporting of damages and excessive wear. 

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